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all your ART

content in one place

Having your ART content dispersed among random posts and across multiple platforms makes it difficult for viewers to engage with your work. helps to slow the scroll by immersing visitors in your own unique, curated experience of images, links, and other information essential for your artwork—with everything shown in one place. 

visually designed for ART

Your work’s presentation affects how it’s going to be perceived. It deserves to be at the center of attention, presented in a way that conveys its importance and value. not only helps you target those in the art world —artists, galleries, curators, collectors, educators, and others— but does so with a clean and engaging design (vs. the other link platforms that look like they came from web 1.0).

MORE features showing what you do

Everyone’s work is unique, and not every platform caters equally to everyone. Everyone, though, benefits from tools that communicate better about what they do. With, you can share more than just images or links, you can also share videos, pdfs, a CV/Bio, exhibitions, and relevant projects—all enabling you to reach your target audience and bring you into contact with one another. is made for artists galleries, curators, educators, and followers of art.

Using your existing social media networks, it offers a more clear picture about what you do in the art world.

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