ArtPyre is a 100% free platform and social network for Contemporary Art.
Combined with a subscription to Art-link.io —an extension integrating with platforms like Instagram:

The experience of art through social media is made to be more focused and immersive. 


ArtPyre was founded by artist Ian Pedigo in 2019, launched in 2020. Its mission is to create an immersive Art experience in response to the fragmented and distracting way it is currently reflected through social media. ArtPyre is designed to be used by artists, curators, gallerists, writers, educators, publications, institutions, advisers, collectors, students, and art lovers alike. ArtPyre’s emphasis is placed on culture, commerce, and journalism, striving to create a media ecosystem where creativity, business, and art appreciation go hand in hand. 

Creating a BETTER SOCIAL Network FOR contemporary ART

The top platforms make it difficult to share information that supports the full range of what it is we do in the art world.  We are limited to sharing just images and other things in narrow formats. Also, there’s often too much random content to scroll through, making it difficult to find art and resulting in social media fatigue. By focusing exclusively on Art content, ArtPyre is made to combat these issues. Combined with Art-link.io —our self-curated landing page extension— you have a powerful platform where your work takes center stage as it is presented across social media. 

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